Welcome Future Healer!

This program is for those looking to take their natural gifts to the next level with knowledge on how to ground your dreams into reality. These courses are designed to help you discover all parts of yourself in order to do the same for others as your preferred means of being of service.

Translation: If you’d like to start a spiritual business this will give you all the skills you need to help others on their spiritual path as I am helping you on yours.

 New Classes Begin June 1st, 2021!

The first 90 days are set up to get you in alignment with your true soul essence and not the one the ego has had you create in order to survive here. During this time we will complete your initial assessment which includes a review of your chart for both your earthly and spiritual gifts along with your purpose. The second part of the initial assessment will be a test that goes over your abilities before beginning training. You'll have the same test after the first 90 days of classes to evaluate how much you have learned before you graduate to independent study. Independent study is where you'll have the ability to pick and choose through the other lessons I'll have available in the academy at your own pace and leisure for up to one year. By the end of the year you will have had access to all the knowledge I have accumulated in my mental database along with all the tools you'd need in order to create your own business as a healer. This is also great for anyone wanting to get more in tune with their gifts for their own personal power and healing as well.

I am only accepting 30 students for each 90 day introduction class. Each intro class into my academy is a "90 Day Reset" with me as your mentor. We will go over the basics of mind, body and soul during this time. After the 90 day class all students will have access to the academy videos for up to one year. Class options include astrology, divination, channeling, remote viewing and many more options with exercises for you to choose what you want to practice according to your strongest and weakest skills which you will have discovered in the initial assessment.