Hey Y'all!


Welcome to my little corner of The Earth that I have named The Intuitive Academy. We come to this Planet with goals to accomplish and karma to play out. We all have to eat, sleep, care for ourselves and others plus find a way to still enjoy this experience despite our hardships. At our most basic we are all just human beings. Here, there is no need to be any version of yourself other than the one that is ok with where you are right now. I want to connect with every individual I am blessed to come across from this space of mutuality and understanding. I want to share the knowledge I have developed over the years with you all so that you can become the most authentic version of yourself. The person that you were meant to be before all the “extra” in life told you the worst lie of all…. that you weren’t enough as you are. I look forward to helping incorporate spirituality and esoteric knowledge into every day life. We will explore ways to raise your vibration through food, art, fitness, and meditation. We will discuss astrology + divination and how they can be used as a tool to guide you through your journey to healing. We will laugh at ourselves and smile when we think about how far we have come through this process together. As a light worker I look forward to sharing my light with you all so that you can pay it forward and light the way for the people you come across on your own personal missions in this wild, crazy circle of life.